Paul Betouliere is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist, presently working primarily in sculpture and graphite drawings.

Growing up along the California coast, he was surrounded by art and nature from earliest childhood. Born in a mid-century modern home designed by R.M. Schindler, he showed an early interest in the visual arts. After high school, he studied with Bauhaus-trained ceramic artist Marguerite Wildenhain at her Pond Farm artists’ colony near the Russian River, opened his own ceramic studio, spent several years in a monastery, lived for a time in the redwoods of Big Sur, then returned to his university studies where he began to focus his artistic efforts on sculpture. Paul also designed and built his family’s home in Topanga Canyon, California, which was featured in The New York Times. All of these experiences served as inspiration for his life and his art. He has worked on small- and large-scale projects across the country, and remains committed to sharing with others his creative expressions of the beauty he sees in the world around him.